sexta-feira, 17 de março de 2023


Can Anybody Hear Me? 

I want someone to hold me,
But I'm the only one here.
I want someone to listen to me,

But I'm the only ear.

Can anybody hear me?
Does anybody care?
Does anybody even know
I'm dealing with despair?

There are voices in my mind
Saying I should die.
Will anybody even tell me
They're only just a lie?

Does anybody love me?
Would they shed a tear?
Would anybody even care
If I were to disappear?

The ones who preach friendship
Have left me all alone.
The ones who are not here
Promised not to let me go.

Can anybody see me?
Does anybody care?
Does anybody even know
The burden that I bear?

I've built up this wall
To hide who I am,
And now that I need help,
I'm alone behind it all.

Can you see the real me?
Will you even try?
Can you even tell I need
A break in the wall tonight?

I'm crying all alone,
Not sure what to do.
Please just let me know
That at least I still have you.

                                                     Katie M. Elliott

Published by Family Friend Poems, February 2016, with permission of the author.

Poem chosen and read by: Afina Flenko, 8.º B, n.º 1.

You gave us a poem, I (Biblioteclando) give you a picture.

«Automat» (1927), Edward Hopper (1882-1967).

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Thank you, Paula! And thank you, Afina!